A bit about us. 

Here at ELS we are tirelessly working alongside homeowners and private tenants in order to ensure they are taking full advantage of the latest government grant.
ECO4 is the government's best effort (so far) at providing help to those who need it. This covers a wide variety of products; ranging from insulation to the latest Air Source Heat Pumps.

the neat part is... it's ALL paid for!

You may be asking yourself "What's the catch?", "Am I eligible?", or "Is it worth the hassle?".We understand that this type of thing can be daunting, the hardest part about change is STARTING. Our job is to ensure the entire process from checking eligibility, all the way to installation of the product(s) goes swimmingly for you.


The First Step

Complete Your Eligibility Assessment

Our comprehensive eligibility checks can be done over email, just send over your contact details and we will send the form straight over to complete at your own leisure. Alternatively, you can give us a call and our customer service representatives will take care of it for you!

Once that's all done and dusted we will inform you of what you could potentially claim for your property and answer any further questions you may have.

Getting the ball rolling.

If you are eligible and ready to look into this in more detail one of our technical-minded affiliates will give you a call so they can give you the rundown of what could be available and then get you booked in for a survey of the property.

Oh... that was easy!

Once you're happy with the changes that are going to be made and all the paperwork is complete Installation(s) will be carried out completely and paid for by the ECO4 scheme.
All that's left to do now is enjoy the savings!



(If you are feeling cheeky you could even turn the heating on)


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Northamptonshire , England, United Kingdom

About us

Eco Link Solutions LTD is a leading sustainability energy consultant based in Northamptonshire, England. With a team of passionate experts, we offer tailored solutions to help businesses and individuals embrace renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship drives our mission to create a greener, more sustainable world.